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The 80’s saw the explosion of Hip Hop culture take over the majority of the planet. Young people from different countries took to the dance floors, the spray cans, the turntables, the microphones, etc. it was a phenomenon that provided people with opportunities to elevate themselves from a position of poverty or normality to sharing spaces with others who are music or movie stars. The opportunities were vast.

Larry’s guest, Mr SatNav, takes us on a journey that allows us to look at the world of the entrepreneur. From the humble beginnings of learning how to do the moonwalk with his friends to selling goods out of his car boot, owning and managing businesses and becoming a motivational speaker building more business leaders from the same humble beginnings as himself. Mr SatNav’s story invites us to realise our potential to achieve more and to believe and invest in ourselves.

Pull up a seat and have a shot of 100% real talk with Mr SatNav and Basil Pepperpot.

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