The Boy Fresh “Dolby D”.

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The Original King! 

Dolby D was the figurehead of the Covent Garden movement, during the creation era of UK Hip Hop.

The Sidewalk crew featuring Dolby D, lead the way in skill, performance and battling.

Dolby emerged from the crew and from the Garden as a battle hungry BBoy constantly travelling between the UK and the US and bringing the fire with him every time he returned.

As the Sidewalk Crew matured into the legendary London All Star Breakers, he become the yard stick to measure your skills as a dedicated BBoy. This however would lead to him putting a self inflicted bounty on his own head.

Dolby D’s name rang loud and proud throughout the UK BBoy scene, and to those that know real history & culture it always will.

This interview at Larry’s Bar opens up Dolby’s life experience for the historians of this culture, to have a clearer vision of how things were during those developing years of early UK Hip Hop Culture.