Bionic & Rodney P

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Sipho Tribute
In 2015 history was made in Cardiff, Wales when two of the country’s giants of the UK Hip Hop scene reunited to honour and pay tribute to London’s original and best, Human Beat Box, Sipho.
Bionic and Rodney P made a much appreciated appearance to say a few words in rememberance of Sipho Jozana, who brought the two MC’s together along with DJ Bizniz, in 1986 to make the legendary and one of the most influential Hip Hop groups to come out of London. The London Posse!

After watching tribute footage of Sipho, who passed away in 2004, the duo made a long awaited return to the mic with 16 bars each, which left the crowd wanting more. As fabulous as it was the moment was definitely time to reflect on the history of UK Hip Hop and those that had made a difference, Sipho was a major player in getting people together to create powerful Hip Hop energy.

Apart from a London Posse there was Treble and Bass, Phase 1, Derek B and Big Audio Dynamite to name just a few collaborations that Sipho engineered.
Sipho Jozana is a name that UK Hop Hop should be currently aware of as part of the country’s Hip Hop history and his amazing contribution to Hip Hop should never be forgotten.