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Larry’s Bar

In late 2014 Slammo a.k.a Slammellzee & Basil Pepperpot a.k.a Black Pepper found themselves working together for a building firm that was based in Sydenham. They were placed on a site in North Greenwich and on a cold dark winter’s day, spoke about their need to get off site and focus on their passions and success outside the building trade. This is where the discussions would begin about the need to create a platform to provide pioneers of the UK Hip Hop scene past & present, the chance to air their views on the current state of Hip Hop. This would include discussing the relevance of history and giving those who desire it the shine and respect they so eternally deserve.

Also those who are no longer with us would be given the spotlight as we would discuss their contribution’s and achievements that often go unnoticed as a result of a watered down industry perspective.

This issue became the driving force of this duo and soon with a joint love for hanging out in bars, found themselves recruiting Nick Light a creative director who is stationed in Canada and reluctantly agreeing to take over a loose acquaintances bar “Larry The Live One” to begin filming early 2015.

To be Continued!!!!!!