March 27, 2020 Larry

Uptown’s Kickin 2019.

So on September 21st 2019 Live At Larry’s & The Hold Up collaborated for what was set to be a meeting of all ages and styles. This event had the golden era mixing with the now era. New and old all as one. Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun!

The footage that’s dropped so far solidifies the fact that this event had all the ingredients and all the flavour. The very fact that the Hold Up camp is one Hip Hop camp not to fuck with, it is then further adding trouble when you collaborate them with the Larry Live Boys who are known for authenticity and fighting for the forefathers. That and with Larry himself fighting that fight to the death means that Uptown’s Kickin was truly fuckin Kickin! Uptowns Kickin was truly fuckin Hot & fuckin Kickin!!! Word Up! 

Special shout outs to Tizer, Shucks, Bespoken & The Hold Up, Tommy, Jo, Jaffa, Kirstin, Harlem Soul, Nick Light & The Stifani Twins, Dolby D, Danny Francis, Akeel, Spyce, Mark Manero, Hulk, Dirty Harry, Colt45, Liam Bagnall, Spaced Apes, Oliver Sudden, Tom Dice, Oracy. Blade & 05:21, Skrabl, Chew, Fozzy & GrayCloud, CVK & MK, EZ3, Drax, Siren1, Foundations Crew, Applied Science, Evan, and of course everyone else who was involved. So many to name and just as important! You guys are the extended family and from the bottom of our hearts, both Basil & Slammellzee salute you for your unconditional support and our Larry Love will be forever lasting!


We always been about that Larry Love! Stay tuned for the next episode….


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